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Private Studio

Alyssa teaches multiple styles of performance! 

She offers acting coaching, audition coaching, and private lessons in improv, classical verse, stage combat, and playwriting. 

For stage combat and improv lessons, Alyssa recommends booking with a friend to make the most of your class experience! Booking with a friend gives you a $10 discount for both students 

Alyssa offers both 60 minute and 30 minute lesson time slots, and is able to teach both in-person and virtually. 

Lesson Rates:

60 minute individual ... $60

30 minute individual ... $30

60 minute group ... $50/ student

30 minute group ... $20/ student

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Field of Study

Acting Coaching

Alyssa offers acting lessons tailored to any level of experience. With over 18 years of performance experience and having trained in various styles such as Meisner, Alexander Technique, Grotowski Technique, she is able to find tools to help any performer grow in their skill and comfort level. She strives to make acting as natural and comfortable as possible for each performer, and is especially good at introductory level acting lessons and making things understandable for young performers. She has been a camp counselor at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre's Broadway Bound summer camp for over 10 years, and teaches acting during their sessions. 


Audition Coaching

"Who are you singing TO?" 

We've all heard it, we all hate being asked it. In audition coaching sessions, Alyssa will help you refine your songs, sides, and monologues to give you the strongest performance possible. Having been on the other side of the table and casting productions, Alyssa knows the 'do's and 'don't's of the audition room. Whether it be for a local production, a dream role, high school, or college, Alyssa will make you feel prepared, confident, and sure of yourself while encouraging the best performance possible from you. 

These sessions can also include resume creating, formatting, and editing. 


Shakespeare/ Classical Verse Coaching

Alyssa has a very deep love for Shakespeare and his works, which didn't happen until college! Like most people, she didn't quite understand it and thought it was a bit pretentious until she took a classical verse class. When her professor focused on making the language accessible and natural, a whole new world opened up to her! The following year, Alyssa became the Teaching Assistant for the class and was a resource and coach for her peers to get a better understanding of the material. Alyssa's goal with classical verse is to make it less scary for everyone! 


Improv/ Sketch Comedy Coaching

Alyssa grew up in improv classes and training. She made a career of improv at the Strasburg Railroad as a face character, as well as in their stunt performances. She is familiar in long form and short form improv, different improv styles, and various improv games. She was also a sketch comedy writer and performer in college, working with numerous industry professionals. She recommends booking these types of sessions with a friend!


Stage Combat Coaching

During her time at Muhlenberg College, Alyssa trained and was certified in several stage combat disciplines under SAFD Fight Master Michael G. Chin. Since graduating, her career has consisted of numerous stunt shows and productions that involve fight choreography, and she has fight captained several productions professionally. The past two and a half years she spent as a stunt performer and resident fight captain at the Strasburg Railroad. She has worked with Fight Directors such as Fight Master Michael G. Chin, Claire Warden (Director of Advanced Training at IDC), Rob Aronowitz of Neutral Chaos, Jacqueline Holloway of Arte Violenta and Gabriel Rosario of AMDA. 

She recommends booking these types of sessions with a friend!


Playwriting/ Sketch Writing

Alyssa has written several professionally produced scripts. She writes for the Strasburg Railroad Entertainment Department, developing stories to be told on their antique steam engine. She co-wrote their 2023/2024 Murder Mystery The Show Must Go On and their 2024/2024 stunt show Bonnie and Clyde, and she is in development for 2 Scripts for their 2025 season -- The Phantom Line, a fun and suspenseful horror centered around the Spiritualism movement of the turn of the century and the historical figures involved in it; and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, an action-packet summer stunt spectacular. She is also primarily in charge of writing the scripts for the different sessions of the Broadway Bound summer camp musical revues. 

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